Can I use my existing full enclosure with it?

Yes! However, you will have to have your canvas altered to accommodate the keder system we use for canvas curtains.

How easy is this to install?

Very! On average it takes 3 hours to install. We include instructions whenever a top is shipped out. The most you should require is a power drill and maybe a friend. Click HERE to download a pdf version of our installation instructions.

Can I use my existing frame?

Yes. Our Hard To Top boat hardtops mount directly on top of your existing frame, but we do make bimini supports. If you do not already have some sort of support system we'd be more than happy to help you acquire one.

What's an overhang?

An overhang is any extra length fore and/or aft of the Bimini. If you'd like any overhang just add it to the current length of your top.

-- From Lakeland Boating Magazine --

According to Al Miller, Owner of ASM Inc. and the designer behind the innovative Hard To Top system, most customers interested in a hardtop refit have canvas Biminis on their boats and are seeking a more permanent look and less maintenance while still using their existing canvas enclosure. While some customers know exactly what they need, others are looking for more support from an expert service provider.
"Our customers generally know what they're looking for, and we strive to give them that," he explained. "But some are not sure even where to begin, and we're happy to help them, too."
Miller said a new customer will fill out a measuring sheet online, which contains all the information his team needs to build a hardtop that is custom-fit to the boat. A typical installation will take three to six hours; in most cases, a Bimini frame is already in place and no additional modifications will be needed.
"Try it," Miller said of adding a hardtop to your boat. "It's easier than you think."